License Transfers & Upgrades

I’m close to purchasing a UM Professional license, but I need answers to these questions:

  1. When I buy a new computer, will I be able to transfer the UM license to the new PC?
  2. What’s the policy about upgrades? If I buy UM 2.2.1, and UM comes out with v3.0, will I be able to upgrade to UM 3.0 at a lower price?


Hi Jim,

First of all, welcome to the UltraMixer community.

  1. Yes, you easily activate your licence on your new computer. The only licencing restriction is you are not allowed to use UltraMixer on more than one system simultaneously.

  2. Registered user of UltraMixer can update for free up to UltraMixer 2.5. After that you can upgrade to UltraMixer 3.0 for example for a special upgrade price.

Best regards & Happy Mixing,