Licence key or order number is invalid

I received email with a “license key” file and a “license number” in the text body. The registration screen asks for an “Order number”. I think that must be the same as license number (never use two terms for the same thing – it can confuse literal customers). I followed the on-screen directions by typing the license number and browsing for the license key file. When I click “Activate”, I get a message:
“Licence invalid
The licence key you entered is invalid! Please type the licence key again.
A licence can be purchased on
Notice: Please appreciate the time and effort which has been spent on creating this product. Use legalized software copies only.
The entered order number is invalid.”

From this I gather that either my license key, my license number, or my order number is invalid – or maybe all three! Another possibility is that the free registration has been discontinued and only paid versions can be activated.

Never mind. Problem was with my navigation. Ultramixer browser uses the awful Windows style navigation, so I was selecting the key that appeared at the bottom of the column while the next column was so far separated that I couldn’t see that the next item was key(2). The old key is for my previous OS. Works now. Hate the file browser GUI, by the way.


We are investigating a lot of effort to make UltraMixer more mac friendly…so the next big UltraMixer version comes with a polished user interface and new file browers…

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