errors with jackd on linux

When I have jackd running and try to run UltraMix I see this on the console when loading file into player:

An invalid object handle was used. PlayerNative.cpp:76

and doesn’t play

this is on ubuntu dapper with emu10k1 driver (sb live)

Hi thelsdj,

actually, we have never tested jackd with UltraMixer. I assume you want to mix down you own mixes, am I right? I’ll check if I see something wrong in there, but our focus will be OSS and in the future ALSA. For down mixing we will present our own ways to do this (this will be much faster;) than resampling while playing). We made some major steps regarding the stability of the whole UltraMixer under Linux.

Happy Mixing!

I don’t actually need jackd support, I had had it running because I was using another program with it and had forgotten about it so was confused why ultramixer wasn’t working at all, might be useful to report a message to user in this case if jackd isn’t supported

Hey thelsdj,

ok, thank you we will check this issue. At least UltraMixer should display a warning.

Happy Mixing!