BPM detection wrong

BPM counter does not work properly. I don’t know where the problem is, probably not only bassdrum is recognized as peak level in tracks, or there is an error in beat frequency calculation… How is it calculated?

Hi scratch,

the BPM detection algorithm isn’t that trivial. It should work either with techno and with classical music, too. It hasn’t been revised since years. I plan to write a new one when UltraMixer seems to be stable in it’s mixing engine.

Happy Mixing

OK 8)

The BPM calculation is everything else that trivial. I think it is so difficult, that it is a worthwile approach, perhaps even a fast work-around, to allow the user to determine the maximum and minimum BPM in the preferences. That way, if the calculated BPM is out-of-bounds divide by k. (It most likely has to be an integer k and then determine the smallest k that allows the BPM to be in bound.)

Hi Steffen,

yes you are right. A good BPM counter makes an assumption of the average BPM. The current Implementation in UltraMixer assumes it’s not less than 60 BPM and not higher than 150 BPM. Everything in the middle is ok. Actually, that’s not enough for real life applications (… imagine a fast baseline that’s much louder than the drums).